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Download award winning free cash flow forecast as featured in Allbusiness.com

Cash Flow Forecasting Model in MS Excel format. Designed for businesses that need to project and review their cash flow on a weekly basis. This forecast may be freely distributed and modified to suit the needs of a particular business. This forecast was originally designed for readers of Sam Thacker's series of articles on cash flow forecasting published on Allbusiness.com.

Top 10 Ways to Prepare your Business for Borrowing is a "real world" set of tips for business owners who want to be prepared to borrow money when circumstances require. This document presents very practical and effective ways to enhance a company's likelihood of acquiring the credit they need.

Sample cover letter to use when applying for commercial credit when you don't want the lender to obtain personal credit on principals early in the process. Also makes clear you don't give the lender any right to file a UCC-1 Financing Statement.

Generic personal financial statement which nearly all lenders will accept. Available in MS Word and PDF format. A personal financial statement is usually considered "up to date" as long as it has been signed within one year and the financial status has not materially changed.

PowerPoint Presentation given by Sam Thacker on August 26, 2008, entitled, Fundamentals of Cash Flow. Anyone who needs to refresh themselves on the critical topics of EBITA, computation of cash flow, or ways to improve cash flow would benefit from reviewing the presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation given by Sam Thacker on June 17, 2008 on Financing Governmental Contracts. Valuable for any company doing business with or thinking about doing business with governmental agencies.

PowerPoint Presentation given by Ed Lette, Chairman, Business Bank of Texas to webinar audience June 10, 2008. Topic: Working with small business friendly lenders to make sure your business gets the capital it deserves. Mr. Lette is trained as a CPA and has been in the banking business for over 40 years. During that time, nearly 100% of his professional focus has been dedicated to serving small businesses.  Brochure describing this unique, one of a kind Austin TX based bank.

PowerPoint Presentation given by Sam Thacker to the Austin Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association March 27, 2008. Topic: Preparing your company for equity and debt financing.


Factoring Comparison Worksheet in MS Excel allows clients to know what kind of questions to ask factoring companies when obtaining proposals and making comparisons of fees and terms of factoring relationships.

Sources of Information - Other websites

Texas State University - Small Business Development Center The Texas State University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), with locations in Round Rock, Austin, and San Marcos is a great resource for small business owners, bookkeepers and anyone starting or thinking about starting a small business. The SBDC can offer assistance to small businesses in a number of ways. They offer a wide variety of classes throughout the month that will educate small business owners on running their business. They also have small business counselors available to assist on a one-on-one basis. The Texas State SBDC provides its services in a 12 county area of Central Texas.

Allbusiness.com is an excellent resource for small business owners. Recently, Dunn & Bradstreet purchased this company and it has only gotten better since the merger. The website has good articles, business forms and regular business advice. This web portal is focused exclusively on serving the small business owner. Business Finance Solutions' own Sam Thacker recently began writing a regular three time a week feature for Allbusiness.com on topics related to finance for small business. Please stop by and see what Sam is writing this week.

Sources of Services - Other websites

My ARCworld - "one company...one source" is an unusual company that provides a wide range of business marketing and other services for small business owners. They service companies nationwide, providing printing, marketing, branding, web design and hosting, merchant credit card processing services, and all kinds of other services that a small business owner needs to succeed. We have priced promotional printed materials with this company and others in the market. We have found MyArcWorld to be substantially less expensive with a higher quality product than other design and printing companies we have used.

Vulocity has designed a very affordable and effective GPS monitoring unit that has a nicely designed web interface which allows you to keep track of your vehicles and provide a solid IRS mileage log. As of January 1, 2008, the IRS is allowing business deduction for mileage at the rate of $.50 per mile. Small business owner's can no longer afford to miss logging business miles. The unit is very small and can be worn on a belt like a pager, or clipped on to a vehicle visor. As you make stops along your travels, you can push a button and it logs your location so you can go back and enter the data on the web interface which provides the rest of your IRS record keeping. For professionals such as realtors and other service professionals who enter vacant homes and businesses, the unit has a "panic button" which will alert a trusted party to call for help.


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