We have over 20 years experience finding business and financial solutions for small businesses.

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15 years ago, small business owners went to their local community banker and borrowed money.  There was only one option and your choices were how long you had to to repay it. Though the solution was simple, the "one size fits all" approach to borrowing often created other challenges and difficulties for borrowers. During the 1990s big banks began buying community banks, borrowers found a that big banks wanted to make a few big loans to very large companies, or millions of small loans to consumers. Small business owners began finding themselves without the ability to borrow, especially working capital. Today, big banks are still not focused on the small business market, and there aren't many community banks left. Those that are, tend to shy away from small businesses.

The good news is that now there are many more lenders and options available to small business owners, and when a businesses' debt is structured optimally, the business can thrive with minimal risk to the owner.

Our financing specialties include:

  • Accounts receivable finance
  • Factoring
  • Asset-based loans
  • Inventory finance
  • Purchase order finance
  • Cash-out real estate loans
  • Cash-out equipment finance
  • Import and export finance
  • Subordinated debt finance

Leslie Thacker

With over 20 years of experience finding business and financial solutions for small businesses, Leslie Thacker brings enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to her mission to help bring the best possible financing options to her clients. Leslie has spent nearly 7 years developing relationships with hundreds of network partners across the nation who are leaders in lending money to small businesses. Her attention to detail and persistence has helped her obtain financing for clients when others have failed.

Leslie’s track record of success is exemplary in making sure her clients are presented with the best possible financing and business solutions for their business, often bringing more than one proposal to a client. In nearly all cases, there is no added cost to the borrower.
To reach Leslie, E-mail:

Sam Thacker

Sam Thacker joins Business Finance Solutions with 18 years of banking and finance experience, most currently with a Houston based bank. Prior to his finance career, Sam spent 5 years as an inventory control consultant for the automotive parts industry. He has assisted hundreds of businesses with their financing needs during his career.

Sam has a reputation in the finance industry for handling complex transactions that often require multiple financing methods.

Sam is a Featured Business Advisor on www.allbusiness.com. He writes a column three times a week on finance related topics. You can read all of his articles on Sam's Allbusiness.com home page. Or you can view the last 10 articles on our website.

Sam enjoys writing, public speaking, and teaching business classes. He has guest lectured at the University of Texas IC2 program and frequently conducts CPA continuing education classes on financing for Texas CPA chapters.
To reach Sam, E-mail: sam@lesliethacker.com.

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